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Suburban Life Sound Off: Nov. 7-13

Hope for prosperity

I wish to congratulate President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence on their election. I hope and pray that they will bring our country to prosperity. They need to work with everyone – foreign and domestic – bring jobs back to the workforce [and] try to stop all the crime and senseless violence. Let us unite under their leadership. God bless America.

Not affordable

I am responding to the writer urging the ACA not to be repealed. This individual must not have [Affordable Care Act] insurance from Obamacare. I just received my renewal. My insurance is going up from $1,100 a month to $1,800 a month, and I have a $6,500 deductible that two people have to meet in order for any coverage to be provided. All in all, I will pay $35,000 before I can get any care under my Obamacare plan. Better yet, there was only one insurer left in Illinois offering coverage under the ACA. This coverage is not affordable for anybody.

Trash fees unfair

I’m calling about the trash fees. We’re senior citizens, and we do our best to recycle everything possible, so we have very little garbage. I don’t see why we should be punished by having to pay for carts just to subsidize some of these big homes where they have three carts full a week out there. It just seems unfair, and I think the village should stand by some of the seniors a little more than they do.

Don’t forget Thanksgiving

It’s been a beautiful late fall and a great time to get the holiday lights up and ready. But do they have to be turned on? Thanksgiving just seems to be the forgotten holiday. Hardly had the Halloween candy passed out when the Christmas lights were shining in my Elmhurst block. Really?

Election outcome

All these demonstrators that are against Trump, if they went out and voted, the outcome of the election would be different, but they didn’t go out and vote. Most of these people are getting paid.

Stores not senior-friendly

Getting back to grocery stores and away from the politicians, grocery stores are not very senior-friendly. The sales they have are only three days, two days, one day; for seniors depending upon a ride or someone to take them, they can’t take advantage of those sales. Also, the quantity sales they have: I don’t need pizzas pieces in order to save some money, and I don’t have room in my refrigerator for five pizzas or three bags of chips. I wish they would stop the quantity. They may actually sell more if you’re not forcing people to buy so much to save money.

Protesters worse

Protesters. Who are these people that think they have the right to impinge on the rights of other people by blocking traffic, doing criminal acts like turning cars over, starting fires, or breaking into businesses and stealing merchandise? If these people can’t see or even care what they are doing is worse than whatever agenda they are protesting about, then the future of this country is in a lot of trouble. What was the protest against the election supposed to accomplish even if it was a peaceful one? If they don’t like the government leadership that the American people voted for, maybe they should move to Russia, or North Korea or Iran, so that when they want to protest about something, even peacefully, find out what will happen to them there.

Free society

It is time for the party of “tolerance” to end their intolerance and face the reality of a free society who exercises their citizenship right of the ballot box. All must start to understand that there may be opinions different from your own. The great divider, Obama, has voiced his hate, intolerance and racial division in a contentious race and now must eat his words. The uninformed, uneducated thugs who are marching down our streets creating fear, hate and disregard of people, property or civil rights need to re-think their vindictive attitude, move together and face a new, evolving movement of freedom. If you didn’t vote in this election, you have no right to protest the outcome.

Dorothy’s view

Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” speaking to Toto after the election: “Toto, I think we are all in Kansas now.”

Give officials a chance

Congratulations to all the newly elected politicians at the county, state and federal level. To the protesters, please give the newly elected officials a chance. Where are the protesters protesting the 1 cent-tax per ounce on sugary drinks in Cook County, Illinois? This is very expensive for the poor, and it’s [an] additional expense for all people. We don not need Big Brother taxing what we drink.

Time to protest?

Seems to me that the people who are protesting the outcome of this election are the ones that are going to be most hurt by Mr. Trump’s decisions to bring back jobs to the United States so that these people will not be on welfare anymore … because apparently they’re not the working class out there earning a living and taking care of their families like the rest of us are. Otherwise they wouldn’t have time to roam the streets. And God forbid if we try to make sure that we don’t have illegals coming in this country to hurt us that they become such a deficit on our welfare. The people on the street protesting, help them when they get old if they’re going to be able to stay in a nursing home and be taken care of well because Obama has sliced all of the services for the poor people in nursing homes.

Make walking easier

The street lights in Elmhurst are bad and should be replaced with better lights so the people that walk at night are safe while crossing the streets. The street lights are outdated. Also, they should put sidewalks in north of North Avenue, east of York Road, before someone gets killed walking in the streets at night. The lights are also poor.

Neighbors burning leaves

I’m raking my leaves up all the time, but I noticed neighbors are burning theirs, so someone ought to inform them that it is against the code in Westmont to burn their leaves.

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