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Suburban Life Sound Off: May 1-7

Republican health care plan has problems too

The Republican health care plan has four major changes; no pre-existing conditions, no requirement to have health insurance, older people pay more for health insurance and premiums would cost less. What happens if someone does not have insurance and suddenly has a medical problem, i.e. a heart attack? Can they get insurance that would retroactively pay these health care expenses? ... If the Republicans are determined to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, I  would like to add one more change. All legislators; Congressmen, Senators, state representatives must have the same health care insurance options that people in their states/districts have. ... Affordable Health Care aka Obamacare may have problems but so will the Republican plan. Why reinvent the wheel with a whole new set of problems? Why not work with what we have to make it better? Health care is expensive under any plan.

Not enough jobs that are meant to have living wage

The problem isn't that the minimum wage is too low. The problem is that there aren't enough jobs meant to be living wage jobs. Flipping burgers or working the register at a fast food restaurant was never meant to be the kind of job for a person trying to support a family. Those jobs are meant for high school and college students who want to earn extra money. ... Panera and McDonald's are already trying kiosks, in order to reduce the number of people working cash registers. If the minimum wage is increased to $15, the counter of a fast food restaurant could very well become a row of kiosks, with one person handing bags and trays to customers. In other words, fewer job opportunities. If we raise the minimum wage to $15, then people who are doing jobs that require skills and education will want also want raises.

Treat all animals with compassion

Our family was very disturbed to read "Keep cats in the house" in last week's Sound Off. The writer refers to animals in his or her yard as "trespassing" and clearly alludes to killing stray and pet cats. This is illegal and very cruel. As a child, my pet was poisoned by someone after getting outside accidentally. I will never forget watching her suffer. The writer describes having a bird sanctuary, an admirable way to care for nature. I would urge him or her to extend even a small amount of this compassion to other animals (who can't know they are "trespassing" and can't help natural instincts to hunt birds). If the birds you feed poop all over our cars and home, I may be aggravated but certainly won't hurt them!

Democratic motives?

On May 1, Texas passed a law that would jail police chiefs and so-called sanctuary cities who did not turn over illegal aliens to federal authorities. The reaction from Congressional Democrats was predictable and included warnings about tearful illegal immigrant mothers who will be separated from their children. Give me a break. The Democrats want open borders so illegal aliens can be registered to vote Democrat in U.S.A. elections. Face facts. Whether it's dead people whose names are used to count as Democrat voters for decades after they die in Chicago or illegals taught how to lie to registrars who are forbidden to ask for identification. Without crooked voting and counting, the Democrats would lose control all over the U.S.A.

Protestors are paid to be there

This has to do with the protestors. Every week they're out there with a new issue. Don't they have jobs to go to? Get a life. Oh, that's right, they do have a job – they are paid protestors. There's even been articles written about it. These aren't just locals who happen to show up with their pre-printed signs; these are employees. They just cannot accept that the Republicans are in charge. Too bad.

State needs solid budget

I just want to comment on all this Rauner-Madigan stuff. Rauner's commercials I think are amusing. He's dressed up in his work clothes and his work bench and his duct tape. The duct tape – that's the solution for him. And as far as Madigan and Cullerton, they're not the best, but as for labor, they were always good. Rauner wants to break the unions, which I don't think will happen. ... But we got a lot of income coming in from the state, from the lottery, the gaming, now they want marijuana. I think they should check the stats on the gaming and the lotto and see where all the money's going. The state's getting over $31 million a month from gaming. ... I'm not against Rauner totally, but he should, I think, worry more about passing a budget because I think he's a one-and-done guy. ... We need a solid budget. We need unity. We need everybody to get along.

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