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Suburban Life Sound Off: July 3-9

Freedom and liberty for all?

The Fourth of July celebrates our freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty paid for in blood, treasure and sacrifice by untold numbers of Americans. Yet not all Americans enjoy the same civil rights, justice in our courts, equal pay, health care, housing, safe drinking water, freedom from hunger, freedom from discrimination, education, right to vote or employment opportunity. If we don’t all have the full measure of freedom and liberty, then none of us have it. You can’t have a little liberty or a little freedom. Can you be a little pregnant? Can you be a little American? So perhaps we should suspend all the celebrating until we all have freedom and liberty. Then we all can enjoy the celebration. 

More on ‘Republican
concerns are unfounded’

1. Social Security is a forced savings plan. Please note the amount of savings citizens now have by way of an IRA or 401(k) plus just general savings will never carry them through retirement. 2. No one gets what they paid into the system. ... I am sure you will find that in about 12 years, more or less, you get more than what you paid in. 3. It took more than some Democrats plus “some dumb Republicans” to raid the Social Security accounts. If all parties would pass a balanced budget these raids would not be necessary. 4. Why should there be a photo ID for voting. This requirement is racist and against the poor. 5. Corporate tax rate being the highest in the world. Maybe. But how many corporations actually pay it and at what percentage? 6. Democrats can’t get the illegal votes they need. We have had many commissions investigating this fake news ... without any proof that this occurs.

People are the ones paying

And again “We the People” get hosed because evil politicians screw up again financially. My suggestion is quit spending without money! I overspend, banks cut me off and come after me for payment. Time for term limits! And we should note the names of the political thieves and make sure they are voted out of office next term. But to give the politicians credit, they are holding to their credo. “Death and taxes are served to all except them.” How about we the people vote on their salaries! I’d go with $25,000 per year, but that might be too much pay! Another suggestion! Fix the abuse of subsidies. Too many people abuse the system and we pay for it in taxes.

State politicians
don’t care about citizens

Thank you to all those Democrats and (turncoat) Republicans that stuck it to the people with another tax hike. Good old (it’s my way or the highway) Mike Madigan won again. Remember come election time to put Mike and his clones in office again. The state will never get out of the deep hole we are in. I’m not sticking up for the governor, but remember he inherited this mess. Everybody blamed the governor for the mess we are in. Who had the checkbook before he took office? It turned out to be a power play from both sides. No wonder why people are leaving the state in record numbers. Where does the money go from Lotto and now the placement of slot machines all around the state? I feel sorry for those people that really got hurt due to this mess. But I don’t feel sorry for any of those politicians in Springfield. They could care less about the people of Illinois. Remember to keep putting Mike and his henchmen back in office.   

Vote out those
who led state into ruin

Well now that we have new taxes to look forward to, I strongly believe that our exodus rate will only go up from its current status of No. 1 on the list. Let’s continue to raise taxes on anything and everything we can, so maybe we can drive more and more of our population to greener pastures. ... I am assuming that we won’t be on the list for the best place to retire either. ... Then let’s help the crime rate even more by taking more and more out of the pockets of those already struggling to make ends meet. If the legislators are really trying to further ruin their state, then I commend them as I think they are on the path to success. People, vote out those who have been in charge forever as their connections to further their own agendas are so deep one cannot win that war. Throw away the connected and start fresh with fresh ideas to hopefully move in a positive direction. Continuing on this same path will only further the corruption already there and run this state further into the depths of no return.

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